Sunday, August 6

NeNaNi Trips

Turning routine trips into dreams come true… This was the foresight when NENANI EVENTS was established. NENANI is committed to always surpassing your expectations, as we believe that nothing about your trip is unimportant.

To harness the potentials of the Philippine islands as one of the best tourist destinations in Asia and eventually apply the model to create highly interesting programs that will combine the Philippines with other Asian destinations to capture a wider market.

Mission Statement
- To support the government’s domestic tourism and inbound programs.
- To be established as the top wholesaler of pioneering packages for popular tourist destinations in the Philippines and neighboring countries.
- To be respected as one of the most reliable handler for tour groups, incentive travel and conferences in the country.
- To be recognized as a leader in developing innovative tour programs and initiating promotions of new and emerging destinations, with priority on eco-cultural models.

Business Opportunity
The Philippines is a plethora of natural attractions, picturesque scenery, delightful tourist activities, exquisite cuisine, fascinating culture and charming people. It has something for everyone. And it now has world-class tourism and conference facilities in a number of destinations. The demand for quality and creative incentive tours and professionally handled conferences has increased in the past years. There is, however, an apparent need for competent groundhandlers who can provide hassle-free trips and value for money services. The proponent of NENANI, with extensive experience in developing special tour products and more importantly in overseeing local operations are up to acceptable standards, topped with established goodwill in the major destinations, is capitalizing on the mentioned opportunites.

For a specialized program, please feel free to contact NeNaNi.

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